Vill - Manjhiguda, Block - Bijapur, Dist - Bijapur, Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education , Affiliation Code : 3330301

All students should be proud of their school and should make efforts to uphold its name and prestige. They should remain involved in all its activities and make the best use of their time at the school.
Please remember the following guidelines

  1. Bring your school diary to the school everyday
  2. Come to the school clean,well-groomed and in proper uniform with polished shoes.
  3. Remain regular in attendance and never be late for the school.
  4. Attend morning prayers and other school activities.
  5. Bring all the textbooks and the writing materials required for the day.
  6. Study diligently and attentively in the classroom, never waste your time while at school.
  7. Ensure that your name, class, subject, etc. are marked on your books, exercise books, tiffin box, water bottle, etc.
  8. Be ready to pick up good habits and shun bad ones; learn the social manners and and prepare yourself for healthy citizenship in democratic society.
  9. Participate in sports; learn sportsmanship.
  10. Be courteous, respectful and considerate to your parents, teachers and visitors; take care of your younger brothers/sisters at home and school mates at school.
  11. Remember that the school is run for your improvement and growth, always be willing to respect its discipline and rules framed for the purpose.
  12. Look after school property; help to keep it clean and avoid all pencil/ink marks on the walls and furniture. Any loss or damage caused to school property by students will be recovered from the concerned student.
  13. Keep your classroom clean; throw waste paper (s) into waste paper baskets (wpb) only.
  14. Insist on your parents to sign your school diary daily and also the examination report card within two days.
  15. Always be thankful. “please and thank you” are the key words in human behaviour; adopt them as a matter of habit.
  16. Be polite to all, remember, politeness costs nothing but buys everything.
  17. Be ready to lend a helping land at home to parents, brother and sisters, at school to teachers and companions.
  18. Never laugh at the helplessness of others; rather help them in need.
  19. Drink deep at the fountain-head of knowledge; sit in library while free.
  20. Respect the rights of others; remember your own duty.
  21. The students are advised not to bring valuables like costly watches and gold ornaments to school.
  22. The student should appear in `all the exams throughout the year.
  23. Have good work ethics.
  24. Work collaboratively & cooperatively.

Instructions to the Students

  1. Monthly haircut and daily clean shave has to be done by boys.
  2. Nails to be trimmed weekly, boys/girls are not allowed to grow their nails.
  3. Daily bath is compulsory for all the students.
  4. Shirt buttons should not be kept open and the shirt to be tucked in properly, irrespective of the dress i.e. uniform or coloured dress. Belts should be worn tightly and visibly.
  5. Personal hygiene to be maintained.
  6. Dyeing of hair or using hair jel is not permitted.
  7. Hair style should be according to the norms of the school.
  8. Girls students should tie their hair in two plaits.
  9. Neither pony tails nor loose hair is allowed in the school campus.
  10. Students are not allowed to wear gold ornaments or any other type of jewellery in the school and are not allowed to bring any electronic items to the school.
  11. Children are not allowed to bring and use mobile phone in the campus .
  12. Wearing uniform during school hours is compulsory.
  13. No low waist pants should be permitted in campus .
  14. Wearing of costly /heavy wrist watch is strictly prohibited.
  15. Using coloured contact lens is strictly prohibited .
  16. Bringing/using of chewing gums , soft drinks etc , to the school campus is strictly prohibited .
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